Surety Law

Our firm is renowned among clients and colleagues alike as a national leader in Surety Law. Our attorneys have achieved notable success representing the issuers of contract, commercial and financial institution surety bonds through all phases of litigation and appeals, and regularly appear in both state and federal courts on behalf of our clients.

Contract Surety Bonds

We are highly experienced in all aspects of litigation involving contract surety, including the handling of performance and payment bond claims after construction project defaults.

We counsel our clients throughout the claims process, and are well versed in interpreting the bond rights of principals, obligees, subcontractors, and laborers, and in thoroughly investigating defaulting principals and obligees. Through careful and strategic analysis, we assist clients in determining whether to finance or complete a project, assert defenses, or tender the penal sum.

We frequently handle litigation under the federal Miller Act, as well as under various state public works acts (aka Little Miller Acts), including claims on Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development projects.

Commercial Surety Bonds

Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating commercial surety matters, including claims involving license and permit bonds, court bonds and public official bonds.


When major contract defaults lead to bankruptcy or reorganization proceedings, we represent the interests of our surety clients through the ensuing negotiations, reorganization planning and assumption and completion of bonded obligations.

A Well-earned Reputation

We have built our reputation on the successes we have attained for our surety clients, as well as on the comprehensive range of surety services we offer. These include representation in matters of subrogation, salvage, indemnity, third-party claims, and the negotiation and preparation of takeover agreements, completion contracts, financing agreements, and other collateral documents.


Representative Cases