Fidelity Law

Krebs Farley is an industry leader in this area, and has extensive experience in the analysis of claims under both standard and proprietary versions of the Financial Institution Bond and the Commercial Crime coverage; mediation of such claims; and, where necessary, in the litigation of such claims.  Special areas that the firm’s lawyers are familiar with include:

  • The manifest intent and financial benefit provisions of the employee dishonesty coverage;
  • The timing and consequences of discovery of a loss;
  • Computer fraud;
  • The direct loss requirement;
  • The fictitious collateral issue;
  • Documents covered by Insuring Agreements (D) and (E);
  • The “good faith” requirement of Insuring Agreement (E);
  • Termination of coverage of an individual employee;
  • Termination of coverage of an insured;
  • The notice, proof of loss and timely suit requirements;
  • Exclusions from coverage including the potential income exclusion;
  • The effect of fraud by the insured itself; and
  • Claims for “bad faith” by insureds.


Representative Cases