ERISA Litigation

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act, commonly known as ERISA, has expanded the protections available to our nation’s health benefit plan participants and beneficiaries. Not surprisingly, the legal landscape surrounding the act and its many amendments is challenging, and demands that attorneys who specialize in this area have detailed knowledge of the legislation and the issues that arise under it.

Our attorneys have litigated a wide range of ERISA-related matters, including disputes between plans and their service providers, breach of fiduciary duty claims, fiduciary insurance matters, ERISA preemption of claims against HMOs, claims involving multiple employer arrangements, benefit claims under severance pay plans, retirement plans, and life, health and disability plans, and bankruptcy issues concerning employers, providers and/or participants.

When formulating litigation strategies, we work closely with clients to assess the value and risk of these often complex and costly cases. We strive for efficiency in reaching resolution, and leverage our knowledge and skill in achieving the desired results.