Case Management

Experienced in handling large and complex cases, the partners of Krebs Farley place an emphasis on communicating frequently with clients and administering a case management strategy that is meticulous, thorough, and consistently proactive. 

Case Assignment

The assignment of an attorney to a case is a deliberate process in which we consider the case specifics, client, judge and opposing counsel.

There are always two attorneys assigned to a case: a partner to lead case strategy development and oversee progress, and an associate to handle the day-to-day developments and client communications. We believe in lean and efficient staffing, which helps control costs for our clients and facilitates a streamlined approach.

Case Strategy Development

Our clients depend on our ability to achieve solutions to the issues they face. At times, this involves winning the case at all costs, and we strive to leverage the full measure of our knowledge and experience to obtain the desired result. However, at other times, it’s more advantageous to resolve a dilemma through negotiation or settlement. Either way, our firm has the flexibility and creativity to develop an approach which best addresses our clients’ needs.

Client Communication

Timely reporting and thorough communication with our clients’ in-house case management staff is extremely important. We are a team in the litigation effort, and we believe that in order to achieve an optimal outcome, everyone on the team should have knowledge of the latest case developments and of the other team members’ actions.